The Corrard gold torc – Bronze Age jewellery with a twist to the tale

¡Cuántas preguntas da de sí un “simple” torques deformado! 🙂 Un post estupendo del blog del Museo Británico, aunque en este caso el objeto se encuentra en el Museo del Ulster en Belfast.

British Museum blog

The Corrard gold torc. © National Museums Northern Ireland: Collection Ulster Museum Dr Greer Ramsey, Curator,
National Museums Northern Ireland

I am not sure if this happens to anyone else, but my work routine seems to revolve around how quickly I can get the computer turned on in the morning to view my inbox of emails. Then of course the ‘ping’ of incoming mail catches my eye at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. I know that I should not let it distract me from whatever I am doing but it inevitably does.

Such was the case when I received an attached image of an object to identify that was found at Corrard in County Fermanagh. With a click of the mouse the most intriguing artefact materialised on screen – a Bronze Age torc, quite simply the most fantastic single item of prehistoric gold jewellery ever found in Northern Ireland.

The first thing that struck me was its coiled…

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